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10% discount for a minimum of EUR 50 on the ticket for Sunday lunch (between 12 and 14)

The Story of Kelurah

Kethkesa and Kethpangna are passionate about cuisine and hospitality. They love great food, wine and the spice islands of Indonesia. In 2022 they get together and unite to open Kelurah.

Kelurah means love for amazing food. The menu brings to life the highlights of Indonesia and are unique for Brussels. The design of Kelurah is a warm embrace and refers to the high life of Majapahit culture. The festive outdoor seating up front lets you enjoy the best Indonesian food has to offer while being outside in the lively Saint Gery neighbourhood. Kelurah offers a cocktail bar with rare liqueurs and great mixes that you will find nowhere else.

Kethkesa and Kethpangna have been instrumental in creating Kelurah´s signature dishes like Beef Rendang or Chicken Satay with coconut rice cakes and homemade peanut sauce. Exotic Puddings with coconut dulce de leche, Sumatran vanilla are the cherry on the cake.

Brussels´s Sacred Island

Brussels´ sacred island is known for its restaurants and entertainment all year round.

Picturesque and right in the center, the sacred island is full of typical restaurants with an incredible food experience.

As much as their cuisine is served indoors, the outdoor areas are surrounded by sumptuous buildings, such as the Halles Saint Géry and a lively vibe in every street with lanterns and a festive spirit all year round.

The sacred island is the epicenter of Brussels and Kelurah is located in the middle of it all.

Between the Bourse and rue Dansaert, a stone's throw from the main square, Kelurah is easy to get to on public transport and a short walk from the Grand´Place.